So I was headed in the direction of feeling good and excited that I was making this big sware of food for my fam. There was BBQ bacon wrapped asparagus, Asian beef skewers on the BBQ, and rosemary ciabatta bread, all something I could "Q". Ok, I confess, my hubby does the BBQ'ing around here, its no secret and i'm not afraid to admit failure when I see it. In other words there have been epic failures with me and the "Q". That is to say we aren't on the best of terms these days. 
Amazingly I was able to make a pretty good flank steak on the BBQ while my hubby worked. I was proud of myself and feeling confident that I knew what I was doing.  Since my hubby started a new job he has been gone like 13-14 hours a day. How can I wait for him to BBQ right? Well with my new found confidence and the skills, so I thought, to "Q", I can handle this...right?
I set out to make my marinade, actually marinate (yes that is a good feat for me). I do everything right. I get all the prep work done, from the foil lined pans to the putting oil in the marinade so the meat won't stick on the grill trick. Oh, ya I'm on a roll people!
My asparagus is coming along nicely. Looks beautiful!!
See, nice right?!
I get my kabobs on the grill and all is going well. My chest is puffed with pride like a proud peacock! Just then, the hubby arrives home. YES he knows I have great culinary skills, now he can see I have got the ol' BBQ'ing down! (happy dance)
I'm doing such a great job hubby decides to take a picture of me grilling!
I'm getting excited as everything is progressing we shall add the beautiful, lovely bacon wrapped asparagus to the top grill.
I add them and close the lid. Walk inside to take the pan, come back out cheerily and notice...wait..what is all that SMMMOOOKE???!!! Crap, karma has come back to bite me again. I open the lid and see the bacon is practically black and, well, ya the grill is on fire!! Nothing major folks, no worries. A little blowing action from my hubby and a wet paper towel do the trick. I wasn't savvy enough to grab the camera (or too embarrassed, cough cough) so I don't have any "real" pics of the damage. But in the next photo you can see on the bottom rack, the complete annihilation of my beautifully bacon wrapped asparagus and the fire which still is burning...OH but the bread is lovely right?!
Thanks to my hubby for finishing the asparagus and trying to make the best of it...You know, I'm not really in the mood for BBQ anything right now. I think I'll stick to the oven & stove top :D Lesson learned; Monica 1, BBQ 10
Here is the finished product. The asparagus, surprisingly tasted good! Thanks honey!
5/23/2012 10:08:58

I totally understand your plight!! I HATE the grill! I have to use it for work a lot during the summer, but I hate the lack of control, and the rapid changes it give you!!! But on the other side of that coin, your dinner looks wonderful!! You just gotta learn to roll with it I guess! I'll try telling myself that next time I singe dinner! Lol!!

5/29/2012 07:03:24

Hysterical! I love this post and it certainly looks like all was far from lost!

7/9/2012 08:36:07

Nice to see local girls doing SO well. I love asparagus!!! I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger award to you, my blogger friend! For being so darn amazing and inspirational to me! Here's the post that explains it to everyone,


9/15/2013 23:08:39

Great coulinary - those asparagos make me so hungry right now . Great cooking tip !


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